2005 | Poetry

Since I can remember I have always had a journal. I would write down my prayers, some deep secrets, letters between friends, and some was poetry. Recently I found a good many of those journals. I am just not sure if I am regretting keeping them or thankful for the reminder that God has always had a plan for me – no matter how much I thought He or the world was against me. If I were to choose one word to describe what was written through my teenager years in those journals, it would have to be maturity.

{And thank God for the growth! ha ha.}

So I thought I would share a poem that I wrote almost 15 years ago and it still resonates perfectly.

Your Voice

If I had one chance
To say any last things
I don’t know where I’d start
Just accept what life brings.

Whether we understand the ‘whys’
God has His reasons,
He works it all out
For everything has a season.

There’s always a time
We try to ignore
But those may the times
We need to adore.

We tend to be selfish
Not in realization
Of the other people out there
Forgetting this is God’s creation.

You have a purpose
Here on this earth
Don’t take it for granted
Put in what it’s worth.

You have the freedom of decision
You can make your own choice.
You have one life, one chance
To put out your voice.


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