Farewell for now.

When I look at the blank white screen before I write a blog, I get a little anxious. It isn't because I have 'writers block', but rather that I have so much to say and not sure where to begin. Writing does not come naturally for me. It is very time consuming and often it... Continue Reading →

Oh, Be Careful Little Tongue

For the Father up above is looking down with love.  THE TONGUE IS GUILTY: When it curses (James 3:10) When it speaks evil (Eph.4:31) When its speech is crooked (Prov.4:24) When it harshly criticizes (Matt.5:22) When it is backbiting (Rom.1:30) When it is deceitful (Rom.3:13) When it talks foolishly (Eph.5:4) When it teaches falsely (Titus... Continue Reading →

Secular School

"I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth." Martin Luther Hey! So let me tell you something you may not yet know. Or maybe you do but like me, you've been on... Continue Reading →

Be Careful…

Not sure why my paragraphs are running together but I apologize. In my editing, the spacing looks fine so I'm not too sure what has happened. Hope you can bear with it. Do you remember this children's song? O be careful little eyes what you see O be careful little eyes what you see For... Continue Reading →


To be strong, biblically speaking, is to be courageous, valiant, established, firm, and/or encouraged. Our Bible hero, David, 'strengthened himself' many times throughout the Bible. This isn't something he could rely on himself for. This is reliance on God's word for strength and wisdom. Without God, we basically would have no success in obtaining this... Continue Reading →


Have you ever been affected by the music you were listening to? I beg for one to say they haven't. I don't think there is a soul that has not been moved to an emotion by a song, whether it be a hymn in the church pew, a sad love song, a wedding song, a... Continue Reading →

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