Wholesome Wednesdays

The dictionary defines wholesome as healthy (healthful), nourishing… AND as good, ethical, moral, virtuous, pure…
One of my favorite things to do is to cook. I am always trying new recipes and tweaking them to being my own. I grew up with a home-cooked meal 5-7 nights a week and I quickly adopted the same tradition for my family. It is harder these days for me working 4 full days a week and with a husband on second shift but isn’t that why we have crock pots?
Also, I am naturally a positive person. I love encouraging quotes and seek them and Bible verses when I am down.
So I really love that the word wholesome has two different meanings because I can not only share a mid-week blog post with a healthy recipe, but I think a wholesome thought, encouraging tip, or practical concepts would be a nice share as well!
As always, thank your for visiting and commenting. It means a lot to me! ENJOY!!

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