I believe in finding purpose in the mundane and creating joy from sorrow, that love is a verb that we have to be intentional with and I continue to learn that the biggest mistake is thinking we have time. So here I am, creating a blog. The one thing I have been so afraid of... Continue Reading →

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Wholesome Wednesday | Response Control

In everyday life - a good question to ask yourself is: "What can I control and what is out of my control?" We may not be able to control some situations but we are responsible for how we react or respond to them. Reacting and responding are not the same. Start by asking yourself in... Continue Reading →


It is human nature to think selfishly. To think of others, you have to practice and make habits. It takes effort and requires you to think ahead. To help create self-less habits, make a goal list. Start with small goals that are achievable and continue to think on these things. Maybe you could start by... Continue Reading →

Wholesome Wednesday| Positively Positive

pos·i·tive adjective consisting in or characterized by the presence or possession of features or qualities rather than their absence. expressing or implying affirmation, agreement, or permission. constructive in intention or attitude. showing optimism and confidence. showing pleasing progress, gain, or improvement.     2.   with no possibility of doubt; clear and definite. noun a... Continue Reading →

2005 | Poetry

Since I can remember I have always had a journal. I would write down my prayers, some deep secrets, letters between friends, and some was poetry. Recently I found a good many of those journals. I am just not sure if I am regretting keeping them or thankful for the reminder that God has always... Continue Reading →


The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.  - Mahatma Gandhi To forgive would mean for one to take action within one’s own self to get over a feeling of hurt and anger toward someone who has offended them. Forgiveness is not always earned or deserved even, but an inward action... Continue Reading →

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