I believe in finding purpose in the mundane and creating joy from sorrow, that love is a verb that we have to be intentional with and I continue to learn that the biggest mistake is thinking we have time. So here I am, creating a blog. The one thing I have been so afraid of... Continue Reading →

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Wholesome Wednesday| Preparation

We spend our adulthood preparing for each day whether it is for work meetings, vacations, school lunches, practices and games, Bible studies, workouts, dinners, and more. How ever different our days look, we all plan and prepare for it. As much as we put into our daily planning and preparation for physical activities - maybe... Continue Reading →


It's been five years. Five years since I faced the hardest week of my life. That September week was spent sitting by my dads hospice bed, writing his obituary, holding my sisters hand and comforting each other. The week had been long and tiring. The two years leading up to that week was spent taking... Continue Reading →

Recently I was thinking to myself and questioned, 'who would want to go through life as an Eeyore?' This led me to thinking about all of the Winnie the Pooh characters and how different they are and I knew I wanted to write a blog with the different characteristics. In beginning my research, I quickly... Continue Reading →

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