I believe in finding purpose in the mundane and creating joy from sorrow, that love is a verb that we have to be intentional with and I continue to learn that the biggest mistake is thinking we have time. So here I am, creating a blog. The one thing I have been so afraid of... Continue Reading →

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Wholesome Wednesday| Quality Time

  Quality time. This is the fourth of the five love languages that I am going to cover in my Wholesome Wednesday|Love language series. Quality time is giving someone your undivided attention. Focused attention for a time of togetherness. Whether or not this is our primary love language or our loved ones, we all crave... Continue Reading →

That Touch

The touch that says, "It's okay." The touch that says, "enough." The touch that says, "I love you." We have all felt or have given that touch to someone else that gives comfort, reassures, and transfers love and grace. My husband and I have that touch. My kids and I have that touch. My sisters... Continue Reading →

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