Have you ever been affected by the music you were listening to? I beg for one to say they haven't. I don't think there is a soul that has not been moved to an emotion by a song, whether it be a hymn in the church pew, a sad love song, a wedding song, a... Continue Reading →

Wholesome Wednesday | Be Happy for Others

Sounds simple and like a 'duh' statement to make - "Be happy for others." But this is pretty hard for a lot of people. I think people want to be genuinely happy for others but in comes human nature and feelings of all things other than happiness. It's okay to admit those other feelings. It... Continue Reading →


It is human nature to think selfishly. To think of others, you have to practice and make habits. It takes effort and requires you to think ahead. To help create self-less habits, make a goal list. Start with small goals that are achievable and continue to think on these things. Maybe you could start by... Continue Reading →

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