Be Careful…

Not sure why my paragraphs are running together but I apologize. In my editing, the spacing looks fine so I'm not too sure what has happened. Hope you can bear with it. Do you remember this children's song? O be careful little eyes what you see O be careful little eyes what you see For... Continue Reading →

Wholesome Wednesday | Happy New Year

Happy New Year! New Years is a reason to be happy and to celebrate. As is Celebrate every day as if it is your last. Find something to be grateful for. Cultivate joy. Reflecting back on my blog posts throughout 2018 has been refreshing. I am so proud of what I have learned myself,... Continue Reading →


It is human nature to think selfishly. To think of others, you have to practice and make habits. It takes effort and requires you to think ahead. To help create self-less habits, make a goal list. Start with small goals that are achievable and continue to think on these things. Maybe you could start by... Continue Reading →

2005 | Poetry

Since I can remember I have always had a journal. I would write down my prayers, some deep secrets, letters between friends, and some was poetry. Recently I found a good many of those journals. I am just not sure if I am regretting keeping them or thankful for the reminder that God has always... Continue Reading →

Becoming A Better Me

Goals. Exercise. Eating healthy. New year, new me. Better friend, spouse, parent, mother, child, sibling, etc. Prayer dedication. Church attendance increase. More devotion, Bible time. Better habits. Positivity. Does any of this sound like something you have said before? It definitely sounds like me. Each and every one of them. {Almost daily!} Each one of... Continue Reading →

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