Oh, Be Careful Little Tongue

For the Father up above is looking down with love.  THE TONGUE IS GUILTY: When it curses (James 3:10) When it speaks evil (Eph.4:31) When its speech is crooked (Prov.4:24) When it harshly criticizes (Matt.5:22) When it is backbiting (Rom.1:30) When it is deceitful (Rom.3:13) When it talks foolishly (Eph.5:4) When it teaches falsely (Titus... Continue Reading →


What a wonderful acronym to live by! We should be so careful about how we speak to each other. Not because of the chance of 'offending'someone but because we should simply be kind and considerate. I talk a lot about Our Challenge to Love. Loving others selflessly, Becoming more self-less and why it will make us happier., and Selfishness. How... Continue Reading →

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