To be strong, biblically speaking, is to be courageous, valiant, established, firm, and/or encouraged. Our Bible hero, David, 'strengthened himself' many times throughout the Bible. This isn't something he could rely on himself for. This is reliance on God's word for strength and wisdom. Without God, we basically would have no success in obtaining this... Continue Reading →


Have you ever been affected by the music you were listening to? I beg for one to say they haven't. I don't think there is a soul that has not been moved to an emotion by a song, whether it be a hymn in the church pew, a sad love song, a wedding song, a... Continue Reading →


Friend, thank you for being here and supporting me on my blogging journey. You may have noticed that I have been quiet the past few weeks... and if you didn't notice, we can pretend you did and that you all have missed the blog posts and encouragement. 🙂 I will be honest with you, I miss it too.... Continue Reading →

Becoming A Better Me

Goals. Exercise. Eating healthy. New year, new me. Better friend, spouse, parent, mother, child, sibling, etc. Prayer dedication. Church attendance increase. More devotion, Bible time. Better habits. Positivity. Does any of this sound like something you have said before? It definitely sounds like me. Each and every one of them. {Almost daily!} Each one of... Continue Reading →

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