Secular School

“I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth.”

Martin Luther

Hey! So let me tell you something you may not yet know. Or maybe you do but like me, you’ve been on the fence or possibly just haven’t accepted it yet.

We, (this generation of parents) have been trained to think secular.

Our secular schools are on fire. It may not seem that way at your child’s school right now. You might not be able to see it just yet, but it should make your blood boil what the NEA (National Education Associates) is doing. It is transforming culture. They just had a conference:  they stand for abortion, politically does not want the wall on the border, wants to pass the equality act. Our kids are being taught by the activist. There are so many Christian teachers who disagree with so much in our schools but cannot say anything regarding what they believe.

Our children are not equipped to be soldiers on the front line. We are responsible for them. Let me say it louder for those in the back. We, the parents, are responsible for our children.

Our job as parents is to get our children to heaven. (3 John 1:4) We are to help them to stay faithful. We have people transforming our culture and beliefs that are confusing our children’s faith. (and ours) They may grow up believing they are remaining faithful but the problem is that wouldn’t be Biblically correct – wouldn’t be the fundamentals. What I mean is that truth doesn’t change – it isn’t relative to ‘culture’.

I have been on the sidelines out of fear, rather than on the field in faith.

I keep quiet. After all, I am told that is the only way to show that I love others. Untrue! That is the most untrue idea that has seeped inside of me. Activist/leftist/socialist, want us to be quiet. They need us to be quiet. They need us on the sidelines.

I have been doing some research and listening to an amazing podcast, The Busy Mom with MomStrong Int’l. Heidi St. John, speaker and writer, encourages moms to get off the bench and become who God has created us to be. She continues to have guests on her show, including Dr. Duke Pesta, who shares raw truth to what is going on in our schools around the US. I mention those two names specifically hoping to encourage you to do some research yourself.

I had no idea about some of the information I have learned and then truth be told, some that I did know – I had not quite accepted. That is not good. That is actually stupidity.

With that being said, my husband and I have decided to pull our middle school aged kids out of the public schools. Thankfully, South Carolina schools have not fully transformed into liberal schools but it is coming. Raising our children is our responsibility and as the quote goes, “If we don’t teach our children to follow Christ, the world will teach them not to.”

Relative truth is not to become more important than absolute truth. Truth is the only answer to liberty.

A few highlights for you to stew on:

  • Science is being re-written: The American Psychological Association is encouraging public schools to educate pre-teens how polyamory relationships are perfectly healthy. Illinois has become the latest state to require LGBT history in the classroom, and a CHRISTIAN school is ordered to payback $100,000 in voucher funding after it was discovered that they teach kids –wait for it—marriage is between a man and a woman.
  • Oregon law that mandates LGBT curricula be woven into all K-12 civics and geography classes. Meanwhile, students in Baltimore can’t read or do math, yet the cost to attend school is among the highest in the country. A new study finds kids are now dreaming of becoming famous YouTube stars when they grow up.
  • Evolution in science textbooks.
  • Libraries and drag queen story hour to promote “gender fluidity”
  • California weaponizes children in sex ed classes. “Positive prevention plus” including talking/promoting anal and oral sex to prevent pregnancy.
  • Healthcare allows services to children that allow children to speak to doctors without parental consent regarding contraception, pregnancy, prenatal care, and abortion.
  • California colleges to provide “free” abortion services on campus.
  • History is being re-written, facts skewed for the governments’ agenda: Florida principal defends why his high school doesn’t teach the Holocaust as fact. It is a slippery slope when we start changing history, looking at times of history differently than what they were in those times.
  • WA schools promote ‘moral relativity’, ultimately weakening morality.
  • Chivalry is becoming foolish.
  • The University of Michigan sued over free speech rights. (Offensive? Really?? Who’s the bully here?)
  • New York City: A pair of 10-year-olds are punished after they asked NOT to participate in an LGBT activity at school.
  • Women’s soccer welcomes lesbians, cuts Christian.
  • Dropping the Pledge of Allegiance in Atlanta Charter school “an effort to begin our day as a fully inclusive and connected community”  
  • And so many more that have been untouched. Violence, bullying. “No child left behind”- collective vs. individualization. Losing parental rights in Canada (parents of transgender can’t stop 14 yr old from taking hormone medication)

Government controlled public schools are not about education, they are about indoctrination. Socialism will continuously keep people divided. Public schools will continue to dumb down Americans, in order to push the agendas on our next generation.

Parents, you can opt-out of these classrooms, train up your kids in the way they should go, so that we can train the next generation to stick with the heritage and truth that is. I am not trying to make anyone feel guilty if one ‘simply’ cannot homeschool but you can get off the bench and get involved in the system so that we can stop the changes that are working into our school systems.

Regardless of whether or not you can pull your child out of school, let’s become aware of what our children are being taught and work to reverse the impact.

They get 6 hours/day in school, 5 days a week. How many hours are with you at home, mom? This was my biggest struggle. Was I going to be able to reverse the secular influence every single night while trying to also equip them to stand up for truth in only my few hours with them? With choosing to homeschool, I can equip them, train them, and take steps forward for them to shine their light to others easier. My prayer is this. Lord, hear my prayers for this!

Yes, my middle schooler will get social interaction. Yes, she can play sports. Yes, I am protecting her (which is my job as a parent). No, that does not mean that I am inadequately preparing her for adulthood but rather the opposite. I am full-on preparing her for the real world, open and honestly, just without the desensitization to Christ’s commands and without the venerability to radical indoctrination.

Please keep our kids in and out of public schools in our prayers. Prayer is powerful.

Disclaimer: I have a lottt of great friends who are teachers. My children have had years of great teachers. Please do not mistake this as a stab at the teachers. I commend teachers that are actually still able to teach and love these children every day.  Again, SC, thankfully has not adapted to many of these radical changes but they are slowly integrating into the systems and there will be nothing the teachers can do but to teach it. I encourage teachers to get on the school board and stand up and vote against such changes. And I thank the Christian teachers out there that give so much passion and love to these kids – many who do not have a loving home to go back to at the end of each day. You, teacher, may be the only light they see. May the Lord strengthen you as you are the disciple in these children’s lives. ❤

You can do anything, even if it means you do it afraid. Obedience doesn’t mean there is an absence of fear.

“Twenty years from now, when these kids are more unhappy than ever, twenty years from now, when these kids cannot have children of their own—where will all these trans-activists be? They’ll be long gone, like the dreams of healthy outcomes for thousands of children who have become prey to a dangerous and scientifically flawed ideology.
Parents, beware. Protect your kids from this madness. If you don’t, who will?” Heidi St. John

Physicians are also afraid to speak the truth about transgenderism and with good reason. One doctor recently said, “no one is free to dissent without being punished. Such punishments range from being “passed over for promotions” to “demoted from Chairmanship positions” to suffering “loss of research funding” and being subject to “severe harassment by peers [and] death threats from activists.” (Link here)

Recently, a long-time public school teacher in Oregon told me that her peers were terrified of speaking out against transgenderism and gender dysphoria – even to other educators. They’re routinely bullied by transgendered or homosexual students, who have been given unprecedented authority in the schools. Don’t believe me? Ask a teacher. If you offer another view (other than pro-trans) to your student – you will likely face a lawsuit in our new, tolerant society. And just in case you’re curious, thirty years of excellence in teaching won’t help you when the ACLU comes for your job.

No wonder our schools are in chaos. The transgender community does not want “tolerance.” They want total capitulation, total surrender.  What teacher wants to lose their job to protect a child? What library employee is willing to get fired when retirement is just a few years away? The answer is simple: fewer and fewer each year.

Fear is a powerful weapon, and trans activists are wielding it masterfully.





About Us  (national school board association)

Dr. Duke Pesta



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  1. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
    I am so proud of you, Lindsay!
    I am grateful for your understanding of what is going on in our Country right now. It has worried me that schools have gone from a place of learning history, math, grammar, etc. the way we were taught to mind control leftist indoctrination centers.
    You never cease to amaze me in your excellent grasp of reality and your determination to correct wrongs.
    May God richly bless you, and your children, in your efforts to guide them in the way they should go. May He provide everything you need in this new journey. In Jesus’ Name…
    I love you, and again, I am so proud of you! ❤️🇺🇸😊


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