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Who doesn’t love Pinterest? It may just be next to google as far as it’s greatness of its existence. Haha.

I really enjoy simplicity and that app makes things so simple. At one point, however, it was almost a tool that made me feel guilty or inadequate because some of the things I came across were not things to which I could or would ever be able to do, buy, or go.

I consider myself a little artsy but some of the creations on there came out to be utter failures making me feel really crappy when my outcome wasn’t like the one I had seen. Obviously there is a such thing as pinterest fail and now those (and mine) are just hilarious!

What changed and made the site so simple for me? Honestly, I really only look for specific things and keep my expectations in check. I also don’t allow myself to get sucked in for a long period of time. It only leaves me more confused about myself!

I enjoy reading tips and advice but if it is not scriptural, I’ve learned to take away what I can put into practice without comparison and leave the rest.

I love to cook and bake but I am terrible at baking, though I still try it anyway. I have just accepted that I can’t get upset if I attempt baking something and it doesn’t turn out the same as the link. On the flip side, I can click on a couple recipes for a dish, add a little of my own cooking knowledge and wa-lah! My board ‘Food’ is my favorite and what I turn most to Pinterest for.

I have boards for the house we are building and ideas for every room, boards with good books to read and podcasts to listen to, crafts for every holiday, hacks that I am thankful to now know, DIY, oils, fitness, organization and expressions worth re-reading. I absolutely love that I have this go-to that simplifies so much for me!

Like I said, Pinterest can be overwhelming and has definitely made me feel less than in prior years but I have found a way to overcome that and truly utilize its “amazing-ness”.

What you look for, you will find.

If you can’t afford name brand and high costly fashion – DON’T pin it. If you can’t paint your nails fancy and are envious of those who can get theirs done every other week – DON’T pin manicure ideas. If you were a recovering alcoholic, you wouldn’t pin alcohol, right? If you struggle with comparison or envy, DON’T look through other peoples boards. Why would you do that to yourself? You know how it makes you feel. You have that control. Get it back.

So don’t be the reason for the guilt. Don’t allow yourself to go down that road of feeling inadequate. Stop waisting your time and your amazing gift of life sulking.

Highlight the areas that you are good at, passionate about, and within reasonable achievement. What a difference it made to me years back, and it could for you too.

After all, what you aren’t looking for, isn’t going to be there. 

Anyone else feel that way about Pinterest at times?

What are your interests/boards?

Check mine out here, https://pin.it/cexrc57rgje7yb. Disclaimer, I have a lot of private boards but my blog board is unlocked and many other resourceful ones too! 🙂

9 thoughts on “Wholesome Wednesday | Pinterest

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  1. Much of social media can suck the time out of your life, it’s designed to do that. Recently I posted about a different concern with Pinterest, that they are actually stifling/blocking Christian messages…so there’s that dilemma too.


  2. Great post. Loved “I enjoy reading tips and advice but if it is not scriptural, I’ve learned to take away what I can put into practice without comparison and leave the rest.” I believe this is a good practice in most, if not all, areas of our life.

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  3. Very great tips!!! If people struggle don’t go for the hard stuff. We all have limitations. I love finding the “hacks” that make something look so complicated, but it’s very easy. There’s a blog post in there somewhere xD

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