Wholesome Wednesday| Joy

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

Joy, or happiness, can be easily misinterpreted. The dictionary defines Joy as: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. a thing that causes joy.

The idea being that joy is received by “something.” That is not necessarily wrong, but I would say that it is a worldly perception. I mentioned in my blog Monday that we have an ever present, loving God, who is our only constant. Everything around us changes, yet He remains the same. If His word tells us that we will have pain, sorrow and hardships… and still have joy.. then the world’s definition of Joy is not completely true.


Obviously, I am human and realize that things of this world bring happiness. But the “things” are how we choose to see them.

A hug from our spouse or our children.

A rainbow after a storm. {Physically or metaphorically}

An exciting/scary new adventure.

An achievement.

A gift.

There is so much that brings us joy. All that comes from our attitude in how we see it. I talk often about having a positive perception. I am a person who gains energy from looking at a glass half full. However, I am again, human. I see disappointments. I feel pain from hurts – death, addictions, friendships. I can be let down by my worldly expectations and drown in negative thoughts. Maybe that is why I work so hard at finding reasons for hope or a silver lining, shall we say.

I would much rather rise above than to spiral down a slippery slope of negative hopelessness.

Wouldn’t anyone? 

One way I do this is by changing my perception. I am so thankful that I am a Christian who knows that there is a God of love who is a good God. I know that changing my worldly disappointing perception requires effort. Sometimes, in that moment, it is more effort than I have to give. I know that I can give it to God and let it go. Sometimes, however, I realize that it doesn’t take much effort to create change.

I can:

  • Read Scripture
  • Pray
  • Research positive quotes
  • Ask for a hug from my sweet children or my husband
  • Do something for someone else
  • Go to sleep, quit worrying
  • Read a sweet story.
  • Watch cute animal videos 😉

Just a little tiny effort gets my mindset back on the joy that the Lord provides, no matter what the world brings.

I am thankful to my God for that.






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