Wholesome Wednesday |Energy


Are you a motivated person? Self-driven? Are you an over thinker? Grudge holder? Are you a people pleaser? Do you take thing personally? Compare yourself to others? Are you a glass half full or half empty kind of person?

The way we look at things can really re-energize us or deplete us of our energy.

If we can work towards lightening our load, controlling our stress, and mentally developing a positive outlook on the things life throw out at us, we can enhance our own natural energy.

I share this because I need the reminder myself!

Sometimes we {or maybe it is just me} can overload ourselves with the desire to ‘fix’ every little thing we want to work on right in the moment but taking the time to intentionally work on one at a time is always the most productive. Personally, it helps me when I prioritize those areas and just take one step at a time. Each area you tackle feels good and leads into the success of the next.

This creates happiness, motivation (energy) and as a result, our attitude changes on the way we look at the things mentioned above. Our attitude is contagious. Wouldn’t you agree?

Choose an area of your life that has your energy level depleted and create a plan to tackle it. Research ways to overcome that stresses in your life and develop a contagious attitude that you would want to see in others.

Feel free to share that goal with me below.



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