Wholesome Wednesday | Be Happy for Others


Sounds simple and like a ‘duh’ statement to make – “Be happy for others.” But this is pretty hard for a lot of people.

I think people want to be genuinely happy for others but in comes human nature and feelings of all things other than happiness.

It’s okay to admit those other feelings. It is okay to not agree or share in the same connections as someone else. But it is necessary to treat others the way the you would want to be treated. Encourage them. Pat them on the back for their accomplishments. Congratulate them. Share in their joy.

Most of the time when one is not happy with another’s success or excitement, it is something within themselves they are displeased with. If this is the case, start by setting goals for yourself. By being happier for yourself, you are able to be happier for others.

I love what Toni says here, in her blog. She shares her recipe for letting other people’s joy make you happy beginning with giving yourself compassion for when you feel envious. Then, “fake it ‘til you make it” meaning, if you pretend that you’re happy for another person, eventually that pretending becomes genuine.


The easiest way to begin is to start with the people you already love. 

Maybe unfriend those who make you feel jealous or that you disagree with. 

Practice kindness and love to others and yourself. Lifting others up says a lot about your character.

Judge less. Listen to someone else’s ‘success’ story. 

Keep a gratitude journal. There is so much we are all so blessed with.

By being happy for others you will be happier for yourself. Others will be happier and share/encourage you in your successes. You will be motivated to be more successful. Happiness is contagious, spread it!


11 thoughts on “Wholesome Wednesday | Be Happy for Others

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  1. Oh, that quote about the flower! Wow! I love this! I have had to delete people who frustrated me, and in time I’ve worked on being more grateful and thankful others are experiencing wonderful things. Cause it’s good 🙂 and I shouldn’t be the only person who experiences wonderful things.

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    1. Thanks girl! I wish more people were genuinely happy for others. Like you said, we should be happy they have happiness. I mean, are we sad when they go through bad or tough times? No, more than likely not. It comes down to envy. I really dislike envy. I’ve even stopped myself from sharing excitement with some because I knew how they would respond and didn’t want them to take away my joy – isn’t that sad? In a way, that person already ‘stole’ my joy. I love the flower quote too! One of my favs!!

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      1. That’s very sad indeed!!! I’ve been working on joy and contentment because after reading so many wonder bloggers I do see how happiness can be viewed very worldly and for me, not others, I find happiness fleeting now and empty. But scripture talks about being content at all times and I believe this is possible through Christ ❤ which is what I am working towards. *Not against those who use the word happy or happiness though! This is just where I've been lead. 🙂


      2. I am in total agreement and continue to learn more on joy and contentment myself. I try to do my wholesome Wednesdays where I connect more in a ‘good morals’ way rather than always including scripture and the goal is to plant seeds – but I am in agreement with you on the scriptures being full of finding joy through Christ. Thank you for your comment, your time reading my blog pots, and your encouragement – always!! ❤

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      3. ❤ of course!! I used to stray away from scripture inclusion especially on my second blog, but I feel like God has been leading me to show Him in all ways and His truth is in scripture. If I can give someone a little bit of encouragement through scripture, and give Him glory through it, I want to. I don't always, but it has been something weighing on my heart and I want to work on doing more. 🙂

        You are so welcome! I've been trying to make rounds with everyone and catch up. Still have a lot to check on. 🙂 I wish you a wonderful weekend!!!

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