Wholesome Wednesday | Foodie

I am a total foodie.




1 a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.

I love food of all kinds and I enjoy cooking . Home cooked meals are what I grew up on and naturally I have enjoyed doing the same for my own family.

Though, you can ask my husband, I wasn’t the best at first. I mean, who knew you could burn spaghetti!?

I finally got it right and thankfully it was his favorite meal because I am pretty sure he took it to work for his lunch a least twice a week for the first year we were married. His nickname was spaghetti. Not.Even.Lying.

Over the years, I have gotten comfortable in my kitchen and can ‘free hand’ a lot of recipes. I love Pinterest and trying new stuff and luckily my family doesn’t mind either.

I thought I would take this Wednesday and share some wholesome favorites with you. Starting with breakfast, lunch, dinner and power snacks – here are a few with links for you to see original recipes.

For breakfast I am a protein shake with a banana kind of person BUT one of my recent favorite breakfast recipe is a peanut butter and banana french toast with honey. Yum!


PB & Banana

You could even do strawberries and Nutella instead of PB and Banana!  🙂

I am a total salad gal for lunch! My favorite homemade salad would look like this:



I buy the packaged candied pecans and cranberries and it seriously makes the salad! Feta cheese is a good choice as another alternative. (And truthfully, I don’t make my own dressing either – haven’t made it that far yet!)

Dinner is my favorite of course! It’s hard to choose my favorite recipe because I have so many but I will share my homemade Alfredo recipe. When I say “my” I mean the best one I have found throughout the years. I give credit where credit is due! 🙂



And lastly, as for my snack share; these PB Energy Balls are amazing! Simple, yummy and protein packed!


  • ⅔ cup creamy peanut butter
  • ½ cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup old fashioned oats
  • ½ cup ground flax seeds
  • 2 tablespoons honey

PB Bites

I hope you enjoy one or all of these, if you’re a ‘foodie’ like me – you will!

Now, don’t ask me to bake. Unless you don’t care if it is pretty and you have the time to wait through possible multiple attempts.

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