Wholesome Wednesday| Preparation

We spend our adulthood preparing for each day whether it is for work meetings, vacations, school lunches, practices and games, Bible studies, workouts, dinners, and more. How ever different our days look, we all plan and prepare for it.

As much as we put into our daily planning and preparation for physical activities – maybe the same should be put toward our daily attitude. Could you imagine if you woke up and committed yourself to finding one good thing in each activity of the day – how much difference it would make? Do you think your family would notice? What kind of ‘butterfly effect’ could you and I make throughout the daily lives of strangers and our loved ones?

We can always find something to complain about.

The car doesn’t start.

Unexpected storm.

Hurtful words from a friend.

Morning alarm doesn’t go off.


Muscle stiffness.

A stubbed toe. {Is there anything worse than a stubbed toe?}

Traffic. {Yep, there is!}

Whatever it may be, if we have been more proactive in our preparation, our situations will not be as bad as they seem. Sometimes the planning and preparing is simply our attitude. As you’ve heard it before, change the way you see things and the things you see will change.

Having a proactive mindset avoids the harshness of a situation. It gives you the power over any circumstance you may face. It helps us not to be over-reactive in the heat of the moment. It helps us to see the ‘bigger picture’ with a little more reservation and less anger. It teaches us gratitude and appreciation, which has a ripple effect to everyone we come in contact with.

“We first make habits, then our habits make us.”

Plan your attitude each day to be one that finds the good everywhere. Complain less. If this is what you would like to be able to do, get into the habit, be proactive.

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