Praying for Our Marriage

James 5:16b “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

I love marriage. I love my marriage. I love love. 

I continue to learn how to be a Biblical wife in every passing day and I want to strive to continue to learn and never to think I have it altogether. 


We have our fair share of ups and downs, disagreements and faults but the one thing that trumps all of that is that we have God as the center of our marriage. We made a commitment that marriage is for life. We value communication and honesty – (sometimes leading to the disagreements – eh) We pride ourselves in strengthening the other through the good and the bad. 

But all of this wasn’t learned over night. We didn’t have the half of it figured out the day we got married, or by our one year anniversary. I wouldn’t go as far as to say after 12 years that we have it figured out yet neither but as the years have quickly gone by, we keep growing and learning and that is what makes us so strong today. It is also why I am not scared of the future, or my children future in the least. I am confident that because we have Christ, that we will continue to endure and succeed. 


That is only if we KEEP God at the center. So that is where prayer is mandatory. Without it, we lean on our own selves and that will take us down a road of destruction. (Proverbs 3:5-6 & 16:18-28)

I am not a perfect wife but I know that I am here to pray for my husband. I pray for
his future, goals, hopes and dreams. I pray intentionally for his fears, discouragements, and his hurts. I pray that he leads our family to seek God first. I pray that the words that come out of our mouths speak praise, edify, give grace and gentle correction in all that we speak. I believe that part of my job as a christian wife is to pray continually for my husband. I pray that in return – this will help my role in the home – to be more selfless, more willing, happier, less stressed, and more tender. 




Luke 6:45 “The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and an evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”

Praying for him means praying for myself as well. I pray that the Lord helps me to replace the worldly thoughts with the Word and the life that it brings and that I can continue to learn from it regarding praying over my husband, my heart and my home. My prayer is that God continues to show me how to make my home a safe haven that build my family up. I pray for the ability and willingness to keep my home clean and in order. To be pleasing for my husband to come home to. As for my home, I pray also that I maintain my body, soul and spirit as well. That I stay in the Word and feed my soul so that I can be a helpmate to my husband in raising our children for they will be fed by our knowledge and the lifestyle we live. I ask God to show me what to do and to dwell in me and my home. 

I pray that he prays the same for me. 

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  1. Amen!!! People want to believe the deception of lingering happiness and self entitlement. Marriage is all about serving the other and lifting them up. You have shared this beautifully.


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