Wholesome Wednesday | Valentines


Let me tell you why I love this holiday.

Love is the most important commandment from God. “Love the Lord… and love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:30-31

In the week surrounding Valentines, look at how many people put their loved ones ahead of themselves and ultimately see how much it makes themselves happy in return. That is what every.single.day should be like, shouldn’t it?

Last year I watched men and women leaving the flower shop down the road from where I work carrying all different sizes of bouquets but each of their smiles were even bigger. Each year I see people in stores buying sweet little things for their children. I see how happy my children are when they bring home crafts they make for me and their daddy. I see them happy when they get to give their love to their friends with ‘candy-grams’ at school. I am so glad that this makes them happy!

I also see others that are just generally happy on this day. Those who may not have a loved one near by. A child at the school that doesn’t have loving parents at home. Others who may never have love shown any other day, or who may be hurting worse than we are. These are still some of the people smiling, holding doors for others, ‘paying it forward’ with one thing or another, maybe saying nice things to someone on social media rather than scrolling by rolling their eyes [I’m just saying] — I am 100% positive that not everyone is in a physical relationship and yet I am also just as positive that they, or you, too can feel loved and give love today.

Valentines or any other day boils down to where your heart is and how you choose to love. Today, choose love.

From one of my favorite books written by Rachel Macy Stafford, Only Love Today, “Today, I will choose love until it becomes my first response, my gut instinct, my natural reaction. I will choose love until it becomes who I am. Let love start this day. Let love end this day. Let love transform the minutes in between.”

{I would like to insert here that I wrote this in my journal last year and could not wait to get it out here for this Valentines. I did not intentionally connect it with my blog from Monday, but if the shoe fits. 😉 That one was actually supposed to be posted last week but I suppose it just simply needed to be posted along with this one. Take it or leave it.} 


10 thoughts on “Wholesome Wednesday | Valentines

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    1. Yea it is. And Yes, it is a worldly holiday and honestly, my husband and I may have a date night but we don’t give gifts to each other generally but some men or women feel the need to because it is Valentines and for their loved one, it may the only day they feel loved.

      Happy Valentines Day Girl!

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      1. We are the same. I made homemade cookies for him, he got me popsicles (I’ve been eating banana ones since they are my favorite and less sugary than ice cream, and cheaper! It was nice he paid attention 🙂 ) We went out to Arby’s and just got back. Nothing fancy, just a little time together. I really hope this isn’t the only day someone feels loved, that’s so sad. 😦

        Happy Valentines Day to you and your family!

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